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High quality
This is a brand new 3-button remote wrench shell with unladen blade.
It fits with BMW cars. 3, 5 7 X Series.
A perfect replacement for a key with broken buttons or worn key blades.
You can literally insert the immobilizer, get the key to your car's profile and away
Inside parts are not included in this auction.
You can use your old remote and transponder chip
If you are using your old remote control, there is no programming requirement. Just get the knife cut from your local locksmith or replace the old blade.
This is an aftermarket
changeover. This remote case will not come with any logos or emblems. The
image is of the actual product. Not downloaded from the internet
Please check the mental part and the bottom of the key, if your key has the same profile, it will fit your car


Please note that the mental part and the plastic part can not be separated
Please compare carefully before ordering the
Transponder and the chip is not included
Please note it is not original bmw but it is compatible

Package includes: 1x Key Shell Case

Weight 0.03 kg


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