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Automatic Rolling Design: The egg dispenser is designed with a gravity-based structure and a tilting design that makes it easy to roll the eggs. One egg at a time is dispensed in a smooth rolling motion, and the remaining eggs automatically roll forward, keeping your eggs in place and accessible at all times.

Space-Saving Egg Dispenser: the stackable design makes efficient use of refrigerator, cabinet, kitchen and dining table space, Can be stacked on each other very easily, comes unwrapped and ready to use. one tray can hold upto 6 eggs at a time. So you can stack upto 18 eggs which this purchase. but it is possible to stack even higher if you buy enough trays.

Durable Design: Fridge Egg Organizer is made of high-quality thickened plastic material, stable and durable, not easy to damage, perfect for modern kitchen life, reusable for a long time, can organize eggs neatly, suitable for a variety of environments.

Special protection: Both sides of the refrigerated egg thrower are equipped with guardrails, and the groove of the egg slide is deepened, so that the eggs are placed more safely and the eggs do not break due to the unstable structure of the product. Try to adjust the placement of the eggs as they may stick after being rolled in the tray. 

Multiple usage: Our egg dispenser is not limited to being placed in the refrigerator. Its multi-functional design allows it to be used in cabinets, tables and even on your kitchen counter. It is not only an egg holder, but also a versatile storage box for fruits, vegetables, snacks and other small items, making it a must-have for every household.

Single Tray Specification
Size: Approx 27 x 7 x 6
Weight: 150 g

Packet includes: 3 x Stackable Eggs Holder

Weight 0.45 kg

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